Team ShWATguns is a Halo 3 SWAT game variant, where the only weapon is the Shotgun, and grenades. As with every SWAT game, shields and the motion tracker are off, though damage resistance is increased. ShWATguns appears in the Team SWAT playlist on 6.5% frequency and can not appear after a successful veto.


  • This is a gametype where melee should only be used for assassinations, if your opponent isn't looking at you or as a surprise, since the players don't have shields. If you shoot your opponent when they are only a foot or so away from you, and because the lunge from the beat-down will only bring you closer, the opponent's counter shot will surely kill you.
  • The shotgun is not a one-hit kill from outside a certain range. However, if two or more players fire on an enemy simultaneously, they can kill from outside this one-hit range. Use this and teamwork to your advantage.
  • Team up with an ally so you can go around the map killing people who are by themselves or with another person. Even if you do die there is a good chance your teammate will avenge your death.
  • If you are at a long range distance try to throw a grenade to surprise your opponent. If you don't kill them you can still try to shoot them with your shotgun at a longer distance, this will be made easier if the grenade's blast brought down their health.

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