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Sexual assault is an act of assault in which victims are forced to participate in sexual activities without consent.

As a part of Crystal Security's gang initiation, new recruits are required to sexually assault a random female[1] passerby from a certain alleyway,[2] one watched by two armed gang members,[3] as a means of acquiring blackmail material to hold against the recruits forever.[4]Janissary James rescued a woman from such a stunt[1] and seriously wounded the gang members involved.[3][5] This takes place during an audiolog from ilovebees.[6]

Sadie Endesha was another such victim. Twice during the events of Sadie's Story she was attacked by New Mombasa Police Department Commissioner Kinsler.[7][8] Although Kinsler's advances were interrupted before they could escalate to the scale of full rape, they were physically aggressive and with sexual intentions, and therefore can be considered sexual assault. For this and numerous other crimes, Kinsler was torn apart by an angry mob.[9]

Jacob Keyes once compared a Proto-Gravemind's assault on his mind to the feeling of rape.[10]


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