The Seventh Fleet was a Fleet in the UNSC Navy.

Service HistoryEdit

The Seventh Fleet once served at the frontlines of the Human-Covenant war. However, the fleet was brought back to Earth in order to help defend it.[1]

By November 3, 2552, the Seventh in conjunction with the Second and Sixteenth Fleets, was engaged in major skirmishes with Covenant Navy units in Earth orbit. It was mentioned by Sergeant Laura "Smokes" Tanner while piloting Blue Team to the Centennial Orbital Elevator.[2]

On November 17, Battle Group Victory[3] containing the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and several other frigates, would engage the Forerunner dreadnought at The Artifact near Voi.[4] The Dawn would also travel through the The Artifact to Installation 00 and participate in the final battle of the war.[5]






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