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Serina, serial number SNA 1292-4, was an AI construct assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a modified Phoenix-class colony ship.


Serina was as a military advisory smart AI.[1][2] Her avatar is a young female with long hair and a lab coat. She speaks with an English accent. Beneath all her sarcastic comments and seemingly uncaring attitude, she turns out to be kinder than she seems.[3]


  • "Aye sir. Crazy mystery trip to Arcadia plotted in, spinning up FTL drive."
  • "So...we left a note saying we're leaving, right?"
  • "Well, this is new...and scary." (Upon seeing the Flood)[1]
  • "Recalling surface squads so we can all die together. Aye, sir!"[4]
  • "The MAC is online and primed. Payback time!"[1]
  • "Expecting trouble, Captain?"
  • "Standard orbit achieved, all systems normal."
  • "So...nothing too difficult, then?"
  • "Here are some reinforcements, play nice.
  • " I the only one freaked out by the fact that we're inside the planet?"
  • "Well, it'll be pretty obvious if he succeeds."
  • "Threading a needle while accelerating around an exploding star inside a planet that's falling apart? Sure, why not?"
  • "Closing your eyes might help, too."
  • "Captain, wake up. Something has happened."


  • Serina has an interest in human relationships and chocolate.[5]
  • Serina, knowing the crew of the Spirit of Fire may be on a one-way trip, manufactured and delivered fake emails from family members to the crew celebrating Valentine's Day. No one ever suspected her of this deception.[6]
  • She has a very sarcastic and detached nature. She frequently seems to disregard the lives of others, even her own ship's crew - such as when the Spirit of Fire is slowly being pulled inside the Shield World - almost always responding to their peril with some curious remark or dark joke.
  • Serina's only human memory is "kissing a boy."
  • After completing Halo Wars on Legendary, Serina will say, "Captain, wake up; something has happened."




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