Segur was a UNSC marine who fought in the Human-Covenant war.


According to the E3 2000 demo, Segur was serving on the Pillar of Autumn in 2552, which crash-landed on Halo. There, Segur and the rest of his squad went to infiltrate a Covenant held bunker. Segur and two of his teammates drove there on a Warthog, Segur driving, while the other three members got there on foot.

The rest of the squad broke into the bunker, but Segur was killed in the process. He was hit by several Needler rounds in the back, as he was trying the retreat down the hill.


  • The E3 2000 demo was shot while Bungie was still working on the game. Some aspects of the demo there couldn't be canon; for instance, John-117 was in the demo, while in both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: The Flood there was never a mention of the Master Chief participating in such a mission.
  • He was most likely named after one of the Bungie employees, Matt Segur.
  • Segur is on the far left of the picture.

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