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Secure Network, more commonly referred to as SecNet, is a UNSC communication network. It could relay text messages, similar to an instant messaging program. SecNet users were identified by their username while using the network.[1]

Sometime after the Fall of Reach, the Office of Naval Intelligence conducted an investigation to determine whether a SecNet message exchange between Sergeant Alasdair R. Schicker and Sergeant Joseph M. Poteet could have alerted the Covenant to the location of Reach. This, however, proved to be false as following the battle of Sigma Octanus IV, a Covenant vessel placed a slipspace tracking device onto the UNSC Iroquois. When the Iroquois arrived at Reach, the signal was relayed through an extremely small slipspace burst alerting the Covenant as to the location of Reach.[1]

Ironically, the Covenant already knew the location of Reach, from information gleaned from another Forerunner artifact found prior to the invasion, revealing that another artifact was to be found on Reach.

Known SecNet UsernamesEdit

  • Alasdair R. Schicker: "GLancer"
  • Joseph M. Poteet: "TRIGTECH"


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