Hidden in the Halo 3 Open Beta's code was a warning meant for the internal closed beta.[1] It was a warning to "shifty types" from across Microsoft's studios who may have been enjoying the beta too much and warned against leaking footage. It reads:

“Do not show this to anyone. Do not show screenshots to anyone. Do not talk about this, post about this, blog about this, complain about this, brag about this, or write about this (outside the sanctity of our beloved BetaPlace, of course). Otherwise, ninjas will be sent to bring ruin on your house and your house's houses. And I don't mean those punkass run of the mill MSNinjas. I mean the other ninjas. The cool ones. The ones on fire. Yeah. That's right.

Love, Bungie


  1. Xbox 360 World Magazine, August 2007