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Second Squad was the designation of an unusually large Marine squad from the UNSC Marine Corps. The squad participated in the Battle of Installation 04, most notably during Captain Keyes' recon mission to the Flood containment facility. It was commanded by Corporal Lovik.


Battle of Installation 04Edit

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Second Squad was made up of members of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn Marine detachment. During a recon mission to locate a Covenant weapons cache the Marines were transported via Pelican Dropship Victor 933. Landing in a swamp, the squad followed Captain Keyes and Sergeant Johnson's First Squad into a structure, which was in reality a Flood containment facility, which they did not realize at the time.[1] While First Squad ventured further into the facility, Second Squad stayed back to act as a rearguard.

While separated from First Squad, Second Squad came under attack by the Flood. The commander of Second Squad, Corporal Lovik, radioed in to Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson to report that his squad was under attack, but his message was incoherent and he lost contact. Shortly after receiving his message, First Squad came under Flood attack as well, leading to most of its members becoming infected.

Retreating, Second Squad lost three Marines to the Flood. Continuing on, many Marines became separated from the squad, with one Marine being killed on a ramp while armed with only a pistol. Three more Marines became separated but managed to survive until just after being spotted by John-117. Another two Marines, with a pair of Kig-Yar, made a last stand atop a cargo crate before being killed by Combat Forms.

The rest of the squad, consisting of nine Marines still led by Corporal Lovik, managed to find an elevator up to the surface where they held position until being discovered by John-117. The ten Marines followed John-117 outside to a tower where Foehammer, the pilot of Pelican Echo 419 was to pick them up. However, they were ambushed by the Flood. Even though 343 Guilty Spark arrived with Sentinels to aid them, the Marines did not hold up well against the Flood. Lovik and seven of the Marines were quickly killed, and then a Private First Class was killed, and then the last Marine, another PFC, was finally killed. John-117 was teleported away by 343 Guilty Spark, leaving Echo 419 to land and pick up the bodies.


  • Lovik- Commander.  Killed in the swamp attempting to escape.
  • 18 unnamed Marines


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