The Señora Sies was a modified M6-series Handgun, used by Ignatio Delgado.[1] According to Delgado, the stock had been replaced with oak wood, which was very scarce on Madrigal, and had been carved into "a piece of art" over the course of several weeks by his uncle.

Delgado had to trade the weapon with ODST Major Faison, in return for his more powerful Battle rifle, as Faison lay dying on the Infinite Spoils. After Faison's death at the hands of a Zealot, the pistol is assumed to be lost or destroyed.[2]


  • It is unknown why Faison chose to use the Señora Sies instead of the plasma pistol dropped by the Jackal he had killed, as he did comment on the emotional value of Delgado's handgun. He may just have had a preference for projectile weaponry, or more likely refused to let Delgado waste precious time walking over to the weapon to pass it to Faison.

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