UNSC Say My Name (HCS: CA-942)[4] is a Marathon-class heavy cruiser[note 1] in service with the UNSC Navy. During the Battle of Earth it served in the UNSC Home Fleet under the command of an Unnamed Admiral.[1][2]

Operational HistoryEdit

Say My Name is one of two ships known to have fought in both the Harvest Campaign (having been attached to Admiral Preston Cole's battlegroup, Battle Group X-Ray), as well as the Battle of Earth. Veronica Dare served upon the warship as an ONI Intelligence Officer before the Battle of Earth.

During the first days of the Battle of Earth, Say My Name was one of the Marathon-class heavy cruisers within the Home Fleet. During the initial attack, the CAS-class assault carrier Solemn Penance, carrying the Prophet of Regret, broke through Earth's defenses, and came to stop above the city of New Mombasa. Fleet HQ issued an unexpected order to the commanding officer of Say My Name; the ship was to launch an ODST force (including Alpha-Nine) onto Regret's flagship, breaching its hull and gaining access to the interior.[1] This attempt was foiled when the carrier jumped into Slipspace. It is unknown what became of Say My Name after this. It may have been destroyed due to the Home Fleet later being "smashed" by Truth's fleet.[5]


  • Say My Name is the only Marathon-class heavy cruiser to which a detailed look of the inside has been given, even if it is only the HEV bay.




  1. There has been some confusion whether the Say My Name is a Heavy Cruiser or a Heavy Frigate. In its first appearance in the Superintendent viral campaign, the ship is classified as a cruiser, while in Dare's character profile in Halo 3: ODST and Halo 3: ODST Official Strategy Guide, it's referred to as a frigate. However, in the ship's intel page on Halo Waypoint, it is established to be one of the Marathon-class heavy cruisers in the UNSC Home Fleet during the start of the Battle of Earth.