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Sav Fel was a Kig-Yar T'vaoan. The mate of Nor Fel, he was one of many Kig-Yar who took advantage of the Covenant's collapse to return to their cultural tradition of aggressive piracy and the selling of stolen goods and recovered scrap.[1]


In early 2553, Sav Fel stole the CCS-class battlecruiser Pious Inquisitor from Separatist forces and this caught the attention of both ONI and Kilo-Five. He was seen in the company of known Insurrectionist leader, Staffan Sentzke, on the planet of Venezia. Sentzke and Fel negotiated a price for Pious Inquisitor and decided to test the ship in the Shaps system where they destroyed a Forerunner ruin. Fel was given twenty fighters, twelve Phantoms, and a container of arms, additionally with a Huragok named Sometimes Sinks for a D82-EST Darter much to the reluctance of Sav Fel. However as he was desperate to get rid of the large ship he accepted.[1]



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