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Bloodline Sangheilios

Star, position

Urs (primary), Fied, Joori, IV


Suban and Qikost


1.375 G


.9atm (N2, O2, Ar)


Approximately 8.132 billion






Religious Hegemony

Techology tier

Tier 2

Threat to array

Significant to Serious

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"Things look different now, without the Prophets' lies clouding my vision. I would like to see our own world, to know that it is safe."
"Fear not, for we have made it so."
"By your word, Arbiter."
“Take us home.”[1]

Sanghelios is the homeworld of the Sangheili race. Sanghelios is the fourth planet in the Urs system, a trinary star system of the stars Urs, Fied, and Joori. The planet has two moons called Qikost and Suban. Many Forerunner artifacts and structures exist on the planet, which are the topic of worship, as well as the cause of a historical war between the Sangheili and the San 'Shyuum before the formation of the Covenant.[2]


Sanghelios has a gravity of 1.375 Gs, and an average surface temperature of -5C to 56C (23F to 132.8F). Sanghelios is inhabited by approximately 8.132 billion Sangheili. The Bestiarum indicates that Sanghelios is similar to Earth in shape, and in proportion, though the land masses are more scattered in relation to bodies of water. Like Earth, its atmosphere consists of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, but also has a reddish hue to it, perhaps indicating large amounts of iron or new rock being made by the core.

Being a homeworld, the planet is home to a huge number of civilian Sangheili numbering over eight billion, as well as a large defense force. Sanghelios was possibly an area of heavy conflict between Separatist and Loyalist forces.[3]

At the end of Halo 3, Thel 'Vadam, Rtas 'Vadum, and the crew of the Assault carrier Shadow of Intent depart Earth bound for Sanghelios to check if it is safe. The Arbiter assures Rtas 'Vadum that they have made it safe. However some of the Sangheili weren't ready to follow the Arbiter, and a civil war soon erupted and ended with the "Storm" Covenant withdrawing from Sanghelios.  

It is also possible that the Sangheili population centers on the planet are all city-states, as the State of Vadam is seen in The Cole Protocol.


Given that Sangheili are named after the region they are from,[4] which is in turn named after its founder, there are a number of possible states, currently totaling more than thirty:

Theoretical Sanghelios States

Ahrmonro • Crolun • Chavam • Fulsam • Ikaporam • Inanrar • Jeqkogo • Kasam • Konar • Losona • Mantakr • Moram • Mortum • Nbek • Nosol • Ontom • Pewtruno • Putum • Qualom • Refum • Rolam • Sraom • Sumai • Taham • Umam • Vadam • Vadum • Wamik • Wattinr • Zamam • Zule

Notable ResidentsEdit


  • The name "Sanghelios" comes from the Latin sanguis and the Greek helios meaning "Blood-Sun". It is implied that this may refer to the emphasis on "blood" in the culture of the warrior Sangheili that live there.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Dead", the planet they are teleported to is called San Helios, which is also part of a triple star system.[5] Any connection between the two appears to be coincidential.
  • In Rooster Teeth's Grifball mini-series, there is an all Elite Grifball team called the Sanghelios Heretics.[6]



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