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A collection of the most experienced and seasoned Sangheili troops from the Human-Covenant war now compromise the Sangheili Warrior class, what is effectively an elevated role of nobility within the Covenant military body. Utilizing powerfully reinforced combat harnesses and typically armed with the devastating Fuel Rod Cannon, Sangheili Warriors are one of the most intimidating Covenant units currently in operation, violently engaging enemies with unhinged ferocity and brilliant strategy.[1]


  • The armor of the Sangheili Warrior resembles that of the Sangheili General from Halo: Reach. The most notable resemblance is the helmet. It is possible that Warriors were outfitted with the scavenged armor after the Human-Covenant war.
  • In some way, they have a higher rank than a Zealot. On Spartan Ops, if on the same level a Zealot and a Warrior are killed, the major enemy defeated will ironically be the warrior.

Notable WarriorsEdit


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