Sangheili High Councilor is a title bestowed upon Sangheili that become members of the High Council. It was the highest known title that can be given to a Sangheili under the Covenant.


Councilors hold a very high position in Sangheilian society. They acted as members of the Covenant High Council, along with the Lesser Prophets. Their power is derived directly from the High Council, under only the Hierarchs, making them some of the most important roles held in all of Covenant society.[2]

Because the pursuit of honor in battle is the sole purpose of Sangheili society,[3] service in the Covenant military was compulsory, with all other endeavors secondary. As such, it is safe to assume that Sangheili High Councilors are, or have been, an important part of the Covenant military, with their political and governmental duties still held as a secondary duty. It is therefore likely that Sangheili High Councilors have killed a large amount of enemies.

A large number of the Sangheili High Councilors were present at Delta Halo, supposedly to witness the activation of the Halo ring. In truth, it was a ruse in order for the Jiralhanae to begin their slaughter, depriving the Sangheili of a large amount of their leadership caste. While there were survivors of the genocide, it is not known how many survived. Some of the surviving Councilors sided with the Arbiter while the rest either joined Jul 'Mdama or created their own independent factions.[1]


Because warfare is the primary purpose of Sangheili participation in the Covenant, Sangheili High Councilors are extremely skilled warriors in almost all forms of armed and hand-to-hand combat. Sangheili High Councilors typically carry the iconic Energy Sword, which also serves as a symbol of their status as aristocrats. They are part of a select few Sangheili military ranks, such as Zealots and Ultras, that are permitted to use this weapon. They are also, albeit infrequently, armed with Plasma Rifles, with their accuracy unmatched. Like an Ultra, they will let loose a war cry and switch to their Energy Sword if an enemy gets too close to them.

In addition to their great skill in combat, Sangheili High Councilors are also equipped with an extremely durable Combat Harness, similar in appearance to the standard issue version, but with superior armor compared to that worn by lesser ranks. Additionally, the built-in energy shielding system is capable of taking an enormous amount of damage, equivalent to that of a Sangheili Ultra: they can withstand up to three Shotgun blasts in close range, devastating melee attacks from behind, a hit from the Fist of Rukt, multiple Plasma Grenades or Fragmentation Grenades and even surviving a blast from a Rocket Launcher and a slash from an Energy Sword, even when their shield is down. Halo 2 is the only game in which you see and work with Sangheili High Councilors.

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Sangheili High Councilors are easily recognizable by their large, distinct and oddly shaped, ornate headdresses, fixed to a traditional Sangheili Helmet. Their armor, normally the standard Combat Harness adorned by most other regular service Sangheili (with the exception of the helmet), are a pearlescent white, or metallic-silver color, very similar to that worn by Ultra Sangheili, the only difference being that they have no steel markings on their armor as many other Sangheili ranks do. Sangheili High Councilors sometimes wear a different helmet that has the same basic shape, but has different designs and is more open.


  • The headdresses worn by Sangheili Sangheili High Councilors closely resemble the Xenomorph Queen's head, from the movie "Aliens"; though it is smaller and narrower. In addition, both Halo's Covenant Empire and Aliens' titular species have caste systems.


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