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Halo 4 Edit

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Composer Edit

  • "Yes! I hear you! This is Sandy Tillson of Ivanoff Station! We're under attack!"
  • "How do you know about that?"
  • "Oh, thank God! When your signal cut off I di-"
  • "We've been trying! The Covenant… they've already taken over the landing bays!"
  • "Really? Oh- that's incredible! Thank you!"
  • "Spartan? Are you all right? It sounds like the end of the world out there!"
  • "I desperately hope you know why all this is happening. Because, to be honest, my objectivity isn't doing me a whole lot of good right now. Hold on, I'll start us down."
  • "Wants it back? You don't think you can remove… it can't leave this station, you know that, right?"
  • "It's not a matter of choice. It took three months, and the biggest starship the UNSC could throw at it just to relocate it here. Unless you're a lot stronger than you look, it's not going anywhere."
  • "What for?"
  • "Oh wait… we have years of work invested here."
  • "I'll… make sure the nukes are primed so you can detonate them remotely."
  • "Maybe next time you rescue us, you can give us more time to pack?"
  • "The Covenant… the Covenant just shot down the first evac shuttle."
  • "OK… OK, I'll send you the coordinates."
  • "I'm here. Any luck?"
  • "I hear it! We'll broadcast the final evac orders."
  • "We're rigging it now. Meet us back on the upper platform and we'll help you get it to the artifact."
  • "It's- It's not ready yet!"
  • "They've compromised the station's hull."
  • "'Taken'? Taken how?"
  • "Wait, something's happening."

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