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Sandra K. Tillson
Biographical information



Date of birth

June 14th, 2506 [1]

Date of death


Physical and combat information



Hair color

Blonde (Graying)

Chronological and political information


Unified Earth Government


Notable facts

Head Scientist at Ivanoff Research Station


Doctor Sandra K. Tillson was the leader of a team of scientists serving onboard Ivanoff Research Station, a UNSC research facility near Halo Installation 03.


She was very dedicated to her research, also caring greatly about her team, many of whom were killed in the initial Covenant attack against her station.


Little is known about her history. However, due to records accessed by Cortana, it was clarified that the doctor was fifty-one years old during the events of Halo 4, and that she had graduated from the Pegasi Institute, as well as the fact that her doctorate was in Archaeology.


As the John-117, who had secretly pursued the Covenant fleet—a small armada, led by the Didact—attempted to convince her to leave the station, numerous security troops and scientists under her command began to flee.

Alas, the Didact sought a device her team had retrieved, and so many were slaughtered as his vessel tore a hole in the station's side and ripped the artifact, a weapon known as the Composer from its holding chamber. Mere minutes later, the Forerunner used the device to murder Doctor Tillson, as well as every organic being on board the installation, save for John-117. Using the Composer, the Didact composed them—destroying their bodies in a grotesque and most likely painful peeling back of the layers of the body, from skin to muscle to vital organs, to skeleton, and finally causing the entire body to disintegrate to a pile of ash.

Remains of the data signatures that were extracted from these piles of ash, including that of Doctor Tillson, were collected by the Didact to create more Promethean Knights.




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