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Sandra K. Tillson
Biographical information



Date of birth

June 14th, 2506 [1]

Date of death


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Hair color

Blonde (Graying)

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Unified Earth Government


Notable facts

Head Scientist at Ivanoff Research Station


Doctor Sandra K. Tillson was the leader of a team of scientists serving onboard Ivanoff Research Station, a UNSC research facility near Installation 03.


She was very dedicated to her research, also caring greatly about her team, many of whom were killed in the initial Covenant attack against her station.


Little is known about her history. However, due to records accessed by Cortana, it was clarified that the doctor was fifty-one years old during the events of Halo 4, and that she had graduated from the Pegasi Institute, as well as the fact that her doctorate was in Archaeology.


When the Didact and the Covenant Remnant fleet arrived at Ivanoff Station , they immediatley began searching for the Composer. The Master Chief contacted the station and Sandra Tilson was the first to respond, she requested John's assistance in defending the station, but John wanted her to defend the Forerunner Artifact the Covenant were looking for until they arrived. Communications were distorted thereafter because of Cortana's rampancy and caused the Chief to crash into the station. Regaining communications, John tells Tilson to evacuate the station, Tilson says they've been trying to but the Covenant have taken over the landing bays. Tilson sends John her coordinates, while John clears the Covenant out of the landing bays. After the landing bays are cleared, Tilson is contacted by Cortana telling her that they are on their way to her position now, Tilson is amazed by this and thanks John and Cortana. Once John and Cortana reach Tilson, she is panicked and confused, but takes John-117 down to the Artifact's location. John tells Tilson that they are going to need to remove the Composer from the station so that the Didact can't get it. Tilson believes that it's not possible to relocate it to another position because of it's immense size, and the time and effort it took to relocate it to the station. John asks for access to the station's supplies manifest so that the Didact can't get the Composer. Tilson is shocked by John wanting to blow up the station because of how many years they put into research on the Composer and the Installation. John tells Tilson to continue evacuating her people while they deal with the Composer, Tilson griefing about the loss of research tells John she'll prime the nukes so they can be detonated remotely. As John progresses past the Composer, A giant explosion is heard throughout the station, Tilson tells John that the Covenant shot down the first evac shuttle. Cortana notes that the station is fitted with outer turrets, and Tilson sends John the coordinates of the turrets location. Once the turrets come online, Tilson and her team broadcast the final evac order and continue to rig the Nuke , she tells John to meet them on the upper platform so they can get it to the Artifact. Tilson is contacted by John, telling her they need the nuke Immediately because the Didact has found the Composer, Tilson responds by telling John it isn't ready. John tries to contact Tilson again but to no avail. After the Didact takes the Composer from the station, John finds Tilson speaking with other scientists, and John tells her the Composer's been taken, which leaves her confused as to how it was taken, John has Cortana bring the stations defenses online but they aren't responding. As Tilson notices something is happening outside, the Didact fires the Composer, composing Doctor Tillson, as well as every organic being on board the installation, save for John-117. Using the Composer, the Didact composed them—destroying their bodies in a grotesque and most likely painful peeling back of the layers of the body, from skin to muscle to vital organs, to skeleton, and finally causing the entire body to disintegrate to a pile of ash.

Remains of the data signatures that were extracted from these piles of ash, including that of Doctor Tillson, were collected by the Didact to create more Promethean Knights.




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