The Sahara-class heavy prowler was a class of prowler used by the Office of Naval Intelligence during the Human-Covenant war and Post-war era.

Class HistoryEdit

Human-Covenant warEdit

The UNSC Dusk would pursue the UNSC In Amber Clad in October 2552.[3] It would later redeploy to Onyx before escaping to warn of the destruction of the construct-world.[4]


The UNSC Silent Joe operated with Blue Team and Veta Lopis in December 2553.[5] The UNSC Port Stanley was given to Serin Osman to maintain instability among the Sangheili.[6]

The UNSC Aladdin played a minor role in the Second Battle of Requiem in early 2558 by delivering Dr. Halsey to the UNSC Infinity.[2]



The Sahara-class carried the following armament:


The Sahara-class's hull was an ablative composite armor.[1]



The Sahara-class carried at least one squad of Marines.[2]

Ships of the lineEdit



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