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There won’t be any program — not like the Spartan-Twos, anyway. Or the Spartan-Threes, if I can help it. We’re back to using consenting adults now, like we did in Project Orion.

The SPARTAN-IV Program is the fourth generation of the SPARTAN Program, consisting of members recruited from the UNSC's military who were augmented to be capable of wearing a new variant of the MJOLNIR GEN2 armor. This phase was initiated by Admiral Margaret Parangosky after the Human-Covenant war, and some were stationed near the UNSC Infinity in the Oort Cloud.[3]

Similar to the original ORION Project, the SPARTAN-IV Program would only consist of adult volunteers, as opposed to young children (despite their stellar operational record in previous generations of the program).[4] When the program was started, surviving members of previous generations were offered an opportunity to be integrated into it, though it remains unknown how many accepted or declined.[5] The first active SPARTAN-IVs were already deployed as early as 2553 as some of them were temporarily assigned to the UNSC Infinity before it was scheduled to launch.[3]



  • It is stated through the thoughts of Admiral Parangosky in Halo: Glasslands that there were a small fraction of SPARTAN-IVs active before the end of the war with the Covenant.
  • SPARTAN-IVs are now part of a new branch in UNSC, simply called "Spartan". The new branch operates independently of the Army, Navy, and Marines. They are no longer considered assets of the Navy or Office of Naval Intelligence.[9][10][11]
  • It seems that active-duty SPARTAN-IV personnel wear part of their MJOLNIR bodysuit at all times, as evidenced by docking ports along their bodysuit. This is also evident as S-IV personnel have not been seen wearing anything else. This is logical as SPARTAN-IVs spend more time out of armor and may need to don their armor quicker than previous generations.
  • Considering Spartans from all generations were invited to the SPARTAN-IV program; Orions, Spartan 1.1s, SPARTAN-IIs and SPARTAN-IIIs could be considered SPARTAN-IVs if they joined. There is reason to believe a number of SPARTAN-IVs are former ODSTs as well, indicated by in-game dialogue and Halo: Initiation.
  • In addition to being deployed on the UNSC Infinity, SPARTAN-IVs are also stationed on ONIRF Trevelyan and Installation 03.[12]
  • Red and Blue Spartans were released in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition skin pack 4.
  • The only SPARTAN-IV whose rank is mentioned is Sarah Palmer, who is a Commander. It is possible, though unconfirmed, that the rank structure of the SPARTAN-IVs is identical or at least similar to that of the UNSC Navy.
    • This is supported by the fact that Palmer was originally an ODST Lieutenant, a Marine rank, but as a SPARTAN-IV her rank conforms to those of the Navy.
  • Instead of being given a number to go with their first name, SPARTAN-IV's are referred to as Spartan followed by their last name or full name, perhaps to make the soldiers more individualized compared to the previous Spartan programs. 
  • Dr. Catherine Halsey maintains that the SPARTAN-IV's are, on the whole, inferior to SPARTAN-II's; unable to compare to their lifetime of military indoctrination.

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