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IMG 2561

Sarah Palmer receiving her augmentations.

The SPARTAN-IV augmentation procedures were a series of biochemical and biomechanical manipulations surgically induced upon SPARTAN-IV candidates prior to training.


Developed over the three decades between the partly successful SPARTAN-II augmentation procedures and the end of the war, the augmentation procedures for the fourth iteration of the SPARTAN Program were conceived as a way to produce a soldier as powerful as a SPARTAN-II at the cost of a SPARTAN-III. Even as early as 2536, biochemical surgical augmentations had been developed that had 0% mortality rate. Nevertheless, these procedures were built for the augmentation of the far weaker and more expendable SPARTAN-IIIs. The UNSC began developing a method of blending the brutal effectiveness of the SPARTAN-II procedures with the safety and reliability of the SPARTAN-III procedures. The result was a wide array of biochemical and biomechanical augmentations relying heavily on the use of artificial-organic synthesis. Once the SPARTAN-IV augmentations are implemented, it usually takes the subject(s) a couple of days to be able to walk.


Procedure Effect
Carbide Ceramic Ossification Advanced material grafting onto skeletal structures to make bones virtually unbreakable.[1][2]
Muscular Enhancement Lining Compound applied to the exterior surface of all muscles, allowing them work harder without tearing the Spartan's skeleton apart.[1]
Pulmonary Polymer Lining Greatly increases oxygen intake and retention, helps process toxins from the air and allows SPARTANs to breathe certain non-oxygen atmospheres for up to an hour.[3]
Corneal Implants Boosted perception and massively increased night vision.[3]
Cardiac Implants Strengthens cardio-vascular tissue and increases maximum heartrate to safely allow massive adrenaline flow without the risk of stroke or heart attack. These implants supposedly are able to allow an unarmored SPARTAN-IV to run at a maximum speed of almost 40 miles (64 km) per hour.[4]
Artificial Pancreas Implant Allows the SPARTAN's body to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and carbohydrates from food with minimal waste.[3]
Artificial Platelet Injections Enhances the body's ability to slow bleeding and clot wounds.[3]
Other known Enhancements Nerve cells were super-myelinated to speed up reflexes, bones were lengthened and joints were reinforced. Many organs were modified or otherwise replaced.[5]




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