Noble ActualEdit

  • "Commander, sir." - When first meeting Carter.
  • "Got it, sir." - After Carter tells Six to leave "that lone wolf stuff" behind.

Winter ContingencyEdit

  • "Found something." - After Six finds a small card on a corpse in the Visegrád Relay.

ONI: Sword BaseEdit

  • "I aim to please." - After Jorge compliments the Spartan for finishing the mission.
  • "Shield strength, too." - When Jorge and Six tell Dr. Halsey that the armor configuration and shield strength of the Elites at the Visegrád Relay matched those of Zealot-class Elites.


  • "Transmitting visual." - After finding a massive Covenant landing zone.

Tip of the SpearEdit

  • "Incoming!" - Warning Kat of a Banshee bomb.
  • "On my way." - After Kat asks Six for help after their Warthog crashes.

Long Night of SolaceEdit

  • "Go ahead, Colonel" - After being hailed over comms by Holland.
  • "Understood, Colonel" - After being given orders.
  • "We'll get it done, Colonel. Six out." - Reassuring Holland after he mentions he's stuck his neck out for Noble Team.
  • "We have visual. Target confirmed." - After making visual contact with the Covenant corvette.
  • "Yes, sir." - After being given new orders to get the fireteam to the bridge.
  • "And the good news?" - After Jorge tells Six that the only way off the corvette is gravity.
  • "That's a one-way trip." - After Jorge tells Six that the timer on the bomb is broken and must be activated manually.


  • "This is Six. Go ahead, Noble Two." - After the last civilian transport is away.
  • "He didn't make it." - After Kat mentions she got nothing from Noble Five.
  • "The last transport is away." - Kat asks what the situation is at Starport Exit.

New AlexandriaEdit

  • "Sorry I came alone." - After making contact with Carter.

The PackageEdit

  • "Affirmative." - After being asked if in position to begin a torch and burn op.
  • "Yes." - After being handed The Package and Halsey asks if Six has it.
  • "I have it." - After Halsey asks to please say the words confirming Six had The Package.

The Pillar of AutumnEdit

  • "Sir, you-" - After Carter says he has to get Six and the Package off the Pelican.
  • "Done." - After being told to get the Package to the Autumn.
  • "Not just me, Sir" - After Keyes tells Six that Halsey said Six could be trusted.
  • "Negative. I have the gun. Good luck, sir." - After being asked to board the Pelican after Emile is impaled.

Firefight VoiceEdit

  • "Yes, sir." - When previewing Six's voice in the Armory. This appears to be the same sound file that plays when Holland orders Six to take his/her fireteam to the bridge on Long Night of Solace.
  • "Aww..." On being stuck with a Plasma Grenade.