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The SL-4 Traxus Cargo Transporter is a civilian vehicle manufactured by Traxus Heavy Industries.[1]

Class HistoryEdit

The SL-4 was first introduced prior to the summer of 2552. By the Battle of Tribute, the Casbah Port Authority had acquired several of the SL-4s.[2]

Following the war, Traxus saw even greater success with the vehicle. Companies of varying size,[1] and even governments were purchasing it. Examples include the City of Pilvros, for their city's reactor,[3] and the Liang-Dortmund Corporation for their operations on Meridian.[4] The UNSC even purchased a few for use on the UNSC Infinity.[5][6]


The SL line, along with the SL-4, was designed to be smaller and inexpensive compared its standard "S" brethern.[1]

The SL-4 is also modifiable. One version of the SL-4 features a protective cage for the driver,[2][3] one without,[4] and one without the actual forklift assemblage.[5]


The SL-4 acts as a scenery item in each of it's gameplay incarnations. In Halo 5: Guardians and on the map Landfall, it is a Forge object. In Halo 5, its colours can be modified.



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