Sára Sorvad was a human civilian living on the colony of Reach.[1] She was the daughter of Naval Intelligence scientist, Laszlo Sorvad, and lived near the Visegrád Relay.


Sára was one of the two survivors of the Covenant infiltration of the Visegrád Relay, the other survivor being an injured UNSC Army Trooper.[1] She hid underneath a staircase while Noble Team patrolled the Relay Outpost, and was shortly thereafter discovered by Jorge-052 during their investigation. During her interrogation by Jorge, three Sangheili Zealots assaulted the Relay and captured the surviving trooper, taking him deeper into the facility where he was presumably murdered. Once cleared of the Covenant presence, Jorge tended to her and gently asked for details of the incident. She was later put under the SPARTANs' custody.[1]

Following her rescue by Noble Team, her status is currently unknown, both during and following the Fall of Reach.


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