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Ryan Frank was a UNSC Air Force Airman who served during the Reclaimer era. He was present at the Second Battle of Requiem.


Ryan Frank enlisted in the UNSC Air Force at some point prior to 2558. He specialized as a dropship pilot, eventually reaching the rank of airman and piloting a D79H-TC Pelican. His dropship was attached to the Spartan-IV element on board the UNSC Infinity before the Second Battle of Requiem. At some point approximately halfway through the battle, Frank was assigned to airlift Spartan Fireteam Crimson from behind enemy lines. As he touched down to extract the Spartans, his dropship was left defenseless. At that moment an extremely large number of Covenant reinforcements arrived with the intention of capturing Crimson. A CRS-class light cruiser appeared overhead with dozens of Phantoms and Banshees, shooting down Frank's Pelican and killing him instantly.[1]


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