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The trenches were supposed to be a last line of defense worst-case scenario sort of thing. We're Marines, we prepare for everything. No one thought they'd work against us. And we certainly didn't think they'd become the grave for so many of our own people. After the bridge was blown they came up the cliff in droves. My platoon was ordered to intercept, but we were out-manned and out-gunned. The bravo kilos quickly saw they could force us back into a trench and trap us like rats. That's when I saw the glow of the plasma grenades. It was all I could do to scramble up that wall. No one else even had the chance. I watched a lot of brave men die that day.

Russel Tinnier was an UNSC Marine of the 77th Marine Regiment during the Second Battle of Mombasa. Russel is part of the lucky third of the UNSC forces that survived the bloody battle. He eventually survived the Battle of Earth, and possibly took part in the battle of Installation 00.


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