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Rosenda-A344 is a SPARTAN-III commando in the UNSC Navy Special Warfare Command.[1][2]

She has been remarked as being "sassy." Rosenda is mentioned by Colonel Urban Holland in Emile-A239's profile saying he will put Rosenda into Emile's spot if another Insurrectionist operation comes up.


  • Rosenda was originally intended to play a larger role in Halo: Reach as a member of Noble Team, but was ultimately cut from the game and only mentioned in the Noble Team performance reports by her SPARTAN tag.[1]
  • "Rosenda" is one of the names for customized loadouts in Halo: Reach, along with the members of Noble Team and several other SPARTAN-II's.[3]
  • If a player wished to (somewhat) recreate Rosenda's concept art armor, they would need the CQC helmet w/ UA/HUL attachment, Recon left shoulder, FJ/PARA or Default right shoulder, the Commando chest piece, Tactical/Hard Case equipment, GUNGNIR knee guards, and a Gold visor, with Sage as the primary color and Silver as the secondary color.




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