Were you looking for the AI aboard the UNSC Infinity Roland?
“We got apes or alligators running the show?”
— Roland, referring to Jiralhanae and Sangheili[1]

Roland was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Intelligence Beta-5 Division. He was a part of the elite Special Operations squad of Headhunters. He, along with Jonah, led a semi-successful stealth attack on an unknown remote moon on which the Covenant were searching for Forerunner relics.


Induction into HeadhuntersEdit

Roland was inducted into a two-man fire team as part of the special operations program known as "Headhunters." He was paired with Jonah after they were profiled as hitting 97.36 percent of the desired matchmaking criteria.

The infiltrationEdit

The first mission of Roland as a part of the Headhunters team was in an unknown remote moon in which the Covenant were searching for Forerunner relics. He, along with Jonah, had the mission to destroy six of the total ten Covenant encampments. For this mission Roland was given an experimental Active camouflage module for his armor.

In the beginning of the mission, Roland infiltrated the base under cover from his semi-Active camouflage to place explosives on four reactors while Jonah engaged the troops in the camp barracks. In this early phase of the mission, Roland placed the explosives successfully, without being spotted. Later on, he helped Jonah on eliminating the remaining targets, all of whom were still confused by Jonah's energy disruptions and Flashbang grenades.


Right after Jonah had executed the seemingly last enemies in the base, Roland was impaled by a cloaked Special Operations Sangheili who was wearing a heavily modified harness and wielding an energy sword.[2] With his last breath, Roland managed to utter "...Clear" to Jonah, which meant that the explosives were armed. Jonah detonated them shortly after, vaporizing himself, the cloaked Sangheili, and Roland's corpse.


In a fan-art piece printed with the second edition of Halo: Evolutions, Roland and other Headhunters are portrayed in MJOLNIR armor, this may have been a mistake by the author as the armor is more akin in functionality and aesthetically to the SPI armor and may have mistaken this armor for it's predecessor, please note this is not canon but something worthy of note as it shows the individuality of Roland as a SPARTAN. Note that updated versions of the armor are shown in the motion comic and are confirmed as SPI armor.

Roland himself wears an unknown variant of SPI armor that resembles the AA helmet and larger, more angular shoulder plates and a different chest guard. It has energy shields and VISR much like Jonah's armor but with the addition of Active camouflage. Another feature is that it lacks photo reactive panels, probably to allow the armor's other features.




  1. To have been in the field during the Human-Covenant war, he must have been a graduate of either Alpha or Beta company, as Gamma was still in training by late 2552.


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