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Rocketfight is a Halo: Reach multiplayer gametype. It is featured in the Firefight playlist. It is able to be played on all the Firefight maps save Glacier. It allows players to use the Armor Ability of their choice along with a default loadout of a Rocket Launcher and a Magnum. Infinite ammo is enabled, allowing for players to finish a match in a quick period of time, usually in a matter of 5–6 minutes. However, reloading is still necessary unless playing custom "bottomless clip" rules.


One should generally choose the Jetpack armor ability to start out with on large maps and Armor Lock for smaller maps like Corvette. When the dropship comes to release troops, wait till all troops are released before firing the Rocket Launcher, which will result in multiple kils. Try to steal your allies' kills when possible, which should result in more cR for you. If you can, try to get a hold of a Fuel Rod Cannon when possible, as they do about the same damage as rockets, can be fired 1.75x as fast, and hold 2.5x more ammo. Considering that infinite ammo is applied to all weapons, this results in a quicker game, more kills, and more cR. Also, other weapons like the Gravity Hammer or the Plasma Launcher can be very effective.