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The war against the Flood led to many technical advances. All proved fruitless. Improved Incineration Cannon that will unleash a long burst of energy blasts if charged up by holding the firing trigger.[1]

River of Light is a special variant of the Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle.[1]

Service HistoryEdit

The River of Light was one of the first Incineration Cannons to ever be built. It was constructed during the Forerunner-Flood war. The weapon's core had been worked on for decades by an unknown, well decorated Promethean. This Promethean would use it many times during the war.[2]

When the Warden Eternal entered and found a Promethean cache in an old Forerunner factory, he had found the River of Light.[2]



The River of Light is available for use in Warzone. It can be acquired by REQ Packs and has an Ultra-Rare level of rarity.[1]

Changes from the Z-390 HEMREdit

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  • When charged up, the weapon fires seven shots instead of just one big blast