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Ring the Bell was a game that the SPARTAN-II trainees played their first day of training after the morning calisthenics and a lesson given by the AI Déjà.


The game took place on several poles and platforms connected by bridges and pulley systems which were placed several meters above the ground described as looking like a forest of wooden poles, a maze suspended in the air also called The Playground. The Spartans were first told to form three lines; out of these several teams of three were formed. The objective of the game was to have every member of your team ring a bell positioned on a pole standing higher than all other poles by navigating through a complicated maze of poles, platforms, etc. and then crossing the finish line with the rest of your team. As motivation the last team to finish did not get dinner.

The First TimeEdit

The first time the game was played by the trainees, John-117 misunderstood the rules of the game, sped ahead and finished first, but didn't help his teammates Samuel-034 and Kelly-087 - causing all of them to lose and go to bed without dinner.

The Second TimeEdit

The second time they played the pole was placed an additional 10 meters above the ground and the number of bridges was decreased to increase difficulty although it had a pulley system that led directly to the top. This time John-117 chose to help his teammates, although John came in third this time his entire team made it.

Trivia Edit

  • The first night the dinner they contested for was roast turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, brownies, and ice cream.
  • Sam, Kelly and John became friends after they finished the second game.
  • The bell used for this game was also used as the goal for the first test for the MJOLNIR Mark V, in which John-117 was to make his way across an obstacle course, including armed ODSTs, LOTUS anti-tank mines, and an air strike on his first day with Cortana.