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Private Riley was a friend of Private Kappus, and was in the same squad as him, along with Private Bisenti, Private Manuel Mendoza, Private First Class Wallace Jenkins, Private First Class Chips Dubbo, and Corporal Lovik. His squad leader was then-Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, and their squad designation was Fire Team Charlie.


Private Riley was a member of Fire Team Charlie on its mission to find a Covenant weapons cache after a Sangheili prisoner, 'Qualomee, revealed the cache's location. However, this was, in reality, a Forerunner building which housed the Flood. After his friend Kappus was ordered to open a door, thereby releasing the Flood, Riley obtained the dubious honor of becoming the first recorded Human to be successfully attacked by an Infection Form (note that some members of the UNSC Spirit of Fire had been infected but the Spirit of Fire had not yet returned to UNSC-controlled space at this time).

When he was attacked by the creature, Private Kappus attempted to pull it off of him. Even though the Infection Form was soon removed by Kappus, another soon found him and turned him into a Human Combat Form.[1]


  • On very rare occasions, one can see an Assault Rifle underneath Riley while Kappus is trying to pull the Infection Form off him, which is strange, since Riley seems to be holding an Assault Rifle.
  • Riley dislikes flip music, like most of his other squadmates.



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