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The Riemann cycling-thought Matrix is a central component in the programming of UNSC Artificial intelligence constructs. It contains a code directory, where all the impulses in the AI's mind exist. It is effectively the AI's brain. The matrix is not a physical object by itself, rather it is a program allowing the AI to be stored in a Data crystal chip for mobility.


Some A.I.'s have personal fail-safes. Dr. Halsey stated that not all A.I. have such a fail safe, rather, only the "important" ones. In case of Rampancy or other danger to humans caused by the A.I., the fail safe can be activated. It works by generating a pulse beam of high frequency ultraviolet light in the Riemann matrix, destroying the higher thought functions of the A.I. This effectively erases the A.I. It is unknown how common this information is since Araquiel (James Ackerson's AI) failed to recognize the fail safe. This indicates that the information is kept secret from the A.I.s for obvious reasons.

It should be noted that the matrix fail-safe was used by Dr. Halsey to shut down both Araquiel and Kalmiya.

Method of FunctionEdit

Because AIs are essentially copied human minds, the Riemann matrix is likely to be a software model of the human brain, similar to real-life proposals to create AI. The information stored in the matrix is, in essence, models of what happens inside human neurons. Each piece of the matrix is connected with others, allowing currents similar to those inside a human brain. The matrix's name is probably a result of a non-linear nature (Riemann was a 19th-century mathematician would made several breakthroughs in non-linear geometry.[1]).


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