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“We chose Timberland, kind of because it was an unsung classic.”
— BTS: Anniversary Multiplayer
“Overlooking one of Halo's impressive relay complexes, this idyllic cliffside once served as a UNSC staging area.”
— Halo Waypoint - Halo Bulletin 11/9/11[2]

Ridgeline is a multiplayer map from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and the Anniversary map pack for Halo: Reach. It is a remake of Timberland from Halo PC, with updated alterations to the map's layout.


  • Upper Red Base
  • Lower Red Base
  • Outer Red Base
  • Red Foothill
  • Overlook
  • Red Encampment
  • South Ridge
  • River
  • Upper Blue Base
  • Lower Blue Base
  • Outer Blue Base
  • Blue Foothill
  • Waterfall Path
  • Blue Encampment
  • North Ridge

Changes from TimberlandEdit

  • A Forerunner city now surrounds the map.
  • The trees are fuller and thicker.
  • Gravity lifts have replaced the ladders.
  • There are now two small buildings in the middle on opposite sides of the map. These contain rocket launchers.
  • The island in the centre now has two fallen logs resting on a rock above it.
  • The map is 20% smaller than Timberland.[1]