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Lieutenant Rick Hale (serial #876-544-321)[1] was a UNSC officer and Pelican pilot in 2552. He was assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn with Dropship Charlie 217.

When the Autumn arrived at Installation 04 and was subsequently shot down, Hale and his Pelican managed to survive the crash and escaped[2] but were captured by Covenant forces. However, Hale was kept alive so that he could be used as a decoy for SpecOps Elite commander Zuka 'Zamamee's plan to attack Alpha Base, the human stronghold.

Hale was forced to fly to Alpha Base and radio in to get clearance to land. He put on a convincing transmission to Wellsley, claiming he had wounded on board, though his Pelican was actually overloaded with 30 SpecOps Sangheili in Active camouflage.[3] As soon as Hale had permission to land, 'Zamamee killed him with an Energy Garrote and took over for the landing.[4] It is said before he died, he urinated himself.

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