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The Reverence-class cruiser[1] is a Covenant warship classification within the Covenant Navy.


The Reverence-class cruiser is stated to be 3 kilometers long, twice as long as the noticeably armored and fortified Covenant destroyer. This cruiser classification fielded and supported a vast complement of soldiers and was also used as a flagship for small task forces.

Although the Reverence-class boasted two Energy projectors[1] and seven Plasma Torpedo tubes,[1] it could only fire one Energy Projector at a time, typically only the forward-mounted one and two Plasma Torpedoes simultaneously due to power constraints.

Reverence-class cruisers are 3 kilometers long; about the length of the UNSC carrier.

It is possible that the Reverence-class cruiser is the same ship as the ORS-class heavy cruiser, with Reverence being the Covenant designation and ORS being the Human designation. They are almost exactly the same length and fill nearly identical roles. The Incorruptible has been identified as an ORS-class heavy cruiser on Halo Waypoint.

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