Return to Sender is an achievement for Halo: Reach multiplayer matchmaking added with the Defiant map pack. The achievement is obtained by returning your team's flag twice during a Capture the Flag match.


  • The achievement's name is a reference to the Halo 2 campaign level Cairo Station's last chapter of the same name.[1]
  • As with all the Defiant map pack achievements, this achievement does not actually require the player to be playing matchmaking at all to earn it; It is possible to unlock the achievement while playing custom games, as long as the gametype being played is electronically signed by Bungie. (That is, if the gametype is the same one used in matchmaking.) See here for the specific file.


This achievement is glitched and will not always award itself if another player is on the flag to return it the second time if they already have the achievement.


  1. Halo 2 level Cairo Station