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A Remote Scanning Outpost, abbreviated R.S.O. and sometimes referred to as a "Remote Sensing Station", is a small space station usually placed near the edge of a UNSC-controlled system.

Remote Scanning Outposts are usually manned by a small crew of Navy personnel. They scan deep space and Slipstream Space for any sign of scientific phenomena, pirates, and especially Covenant vessels. They usually carry an array of three probes, which can enter Slipspace, scan and reemerge to return their information to the outpost.[1] The probes are referred to as Alpha, Beta and Gamma Probe, respectively.

Remote Scanning Outposts are required to send hourly reports of all activities to the habitable planets in the system. They are also required to sound the alarm should they detect any suspicious activity in Slipspace. As a "lookout" system, these outposts gained newfound importance after the information they transmitted proved critical in countering the Covenant invasion at Sigma Octanus IV during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. After the struggle, HIGHCOM moved some of its best officers from core installations such as Fort York, into Remote Scanning Outposts.[2] Once again, the information an outpost provided prevented the UNSC from being caught completely off guard at the Battle of Reach.

Remote Scanning Outposts are subject to the Cole Protocol and must self-destruct when in imminent danger from Covenant invasion,[3] in order to avoid vital information being captured.

Personnel are usually not assigned to Remote Scanning Outposts for extended periods of time, as they are considered to be rather cramped and isolated.

Known Remote Scanning OutpostsEdit


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