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Regeneration Field
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Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field

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The M2705 Regenerative Kinetic Dispersal Field,[1] also known as the Regeneration Field, is an Armor Ability featured in Halo 4. When activated, a green energy field fills the surrounding area for a short time. The field recharges the shields of any Spartan within its reach, provided no damage is being taken. The ability functions similarly to drop shield where a player performs a short animation to deploy a green dome shaped field around the player.[2]


Similar to Halo 3's Regenerator, the Regeneration field create a small greenish energy field in a small surrounding area. This field recharges the shield of the spartans, quickly allowing spartans to recover their shields. Due to this, Regeneration field are vital for big battles allowing to recharge any shieldless spartans.


  • Regeneration Fields create a green energy to recharge your shield. This is useful if you need to recover your shields fast. 
  • Creating a regeneration Field near your team will make them survive longer and other players who need to recover shields fast. This is very useful for defending Extraction Points, the Flag, or other objectives.


  • Unlike the Halo 3's Regenerator, it doesn't make it more difficult to kill. The players who are in the field will recover fast but a hit will cause a delay in the recovery. You can still get kills since regeneration fields only recover if you don't take damage during the recovery. (There is a slight chance of recovery depending on the weapon you get hit with).
  • Similar to Halo 3's Regenerator, the ability is neutral. The Regeneration Field recovers any spartans so players who kill the player that uses a Regeneration Field will take the advantage of the opponent's regeneration field to recharge his/her shields.



  • When activated the regeneration field can send nearby enemies and light vehicles flying.
  • It's the only armor ability in Halo 4 which is not found in the campaign.
  • It was probably inspired by Halo 3's Regenerator.



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