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Refugia were large sections of biomes and ecosystems on Installation 00. 12 Refugia existed in the Central Hub, and 20 existed across the Spires.[1]


Each Refugia was divided by walls and monitored by Sentinels. That combination helped to ensure that ecosystems were not mingling, and polluting each other. Systems on Installation 00 monitored temperature, natural food chains, and weather to maintain balance.[1]

Each biome, and the Refugia as a whole, was created and was attuned with a Control Tower.[2]


Several different types of ecosystems and biomes are known to exist within the various Refugia. This includes:

  • Taiga forests[3]
  • Deserts[4]
  • Deciduous forests[5]
  • Grasslands[6]
  • Crystalline badlands[7]
  • Snowy mountains[3]



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