The UNSC Cradle, a Refit Station.

A UNSC Refit Station is essentially a large square plate of Titanium-A armor, square-shaped and measuring one kilometer by one kilometer. They are capable of refitting six destroyers, three from her upper surface and three from her lower surface, in a matter of hours.[1] As the fortunes of war against the Covenant worsened, the UNSC began to use such stations as shields for their Fleets in major battles. Four such stations were destroyed with all hands lost in the battles of Sigma Octanus IV and Reach, including the UNSC Cradle, which sacrificed itself to save the UNSC fleet at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV from destruction. It is notable that in the graphic novel Halo: Fall of Reach - Covenant that the images and concept art of the cradle show the station to be far greater in size, much more than the "1 kilometer square plate." As well for just a kilometer square plate would be insufficient size to protect the whole fleet, further supporting the idea that the cradle was much larger than that.

The Hopeful

The UNSC Hopeful was built from 2 refit stations.

A curious result of the destruction of these stations is the creation of a field of very fine Titanium-A dust particles which have exhibited an ability to disperse the plasma from Covenant weapons systems.


  • The UNSC Hopeful was constructed from two scrapped refit stations.


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