The Razor-class light prowler is a classification of prowler used by the Office of Naval Intelligence during the pre-war Insurrection, the Human-Covenant war and presumably the Post-war era.


Very little is known about the Razor-class prowler other than that which is already known about other prowler classes. Originally developed before or during the Insurrection, the Razor-class prowler was designed as a light corvette that could operate as a high-impact, low-profile stealth vessel. Its chief functions were reconnaissance, VIP transport, intel-gathering, and the ability to operate as a mobile command platform. While unconfirmed, it is likely that the Razor-class continued to see use after the war, owing to ONI's extensive operations into former Covenant territory.

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  • While it is possibly just a similarity in nomenclature, it is possible that the UNSC Razor's Edge is a member of the Razor prowler class. If this were so, the length of the Razor-class could be definitively proved, as the Razor's Edge had a length of 162 metres (530 ft).[3]