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Rations, like Meal, Ready-to-Eat, are preportioned foods for UNSC personnel to consume in situations where access to a typical mess or access to typical foods are unavailble or impossible. Rations are used to military personnel during sustained operations or to feed personnel in emergency situations such as being in a crashed Pelican or surviving through enemy patrols.

They are small, gray, cylindrical tins containing set ration meals. There are five of them in The Armory on Cairo Station, about ten on Outskirts, and six in the Jiralhanae armory in Uprising.

They are mentioned in Halo: The Flood, when John-117 selects components from two MRE's, and also in Halo: Contact Harvest, by Private Wallace Jenkins.


  • Beans W/ Rice & Bacon. Quantity: 18
  • Pork Ribs/Boneless/in BBQ. Quantity: 16
  • Peach Dessert. Salty. Quantity: 16
  • Beef Stew Lumpy Gravy. Quantity: 9