The Flood Ranged Form is a type of Flood Pure Form from Halo 3. It is formed when a Flood Stalker Form is damaged or chooses to mount itself in a stationary position either on the walls, ceiling, or, with less frequency, on the ground. It has a mouth-like protrusion that opens up to reveal a living missile platform of regenerating spikes. These spikes will relentlessly pelt the player if exposed, and are very irritating and oppressive. They also exhibit a behavior unlike any other in the Flood arsenal. When fired upon these forms will curl up to shield their heads, their weak point. To fully disable them the player must stop firing until they reveal their weak point once more, or continue firing until they die, regardless of their defensive posture. When the Pure Form is killed on a wall or ceiling, they will fall off. They can be compared directly with Carbine-carrying Sniper Jackals earlier in the game in regards to range, damage, accuracy and relative annoyance and it is not unreasonable to mistake them for infected drones due to their insectile nature.

Techniques for Killing Ranged FormsEdit

Flood Ranged Form

Ranged Forms make close range weapons no longer the only weapons needed to face the Flood in Halo 3.

Ranged Forms are extremely accurate Flood (more then a Carbine or Battle Rifle-using Combat Form). They can hang onto walls and blend well in dark or flood-like areas. Once an enemy is spotted they will fire at the target with extreme accuracy. The Brute Shot is an effective weapon of choice as it deals a good amount of damage. If you are close to one, lobbing Plasma grenades or Spike grenades will kill them instantly. Like all Flood, the Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer can kill them in one blow.

MC RangedFlood

John-117 attacking a Ranged Form on Halo.

Deployable Covers are very valuable when fighting Ranged Forms, as their needles cannot penetrate the shield. If the player has UNSC ballistic weapons, they can fire past the shield and attack the Ranged Form from it. However, the durability will not last forever so it is advised to hide whenever the shield breaks and return when it regenerates back. Ranged Forms can be "flinched" by firing enough rounds at them; when shot enough times they will curl up until they are killed or until the player stops firing at them. By firing enough times, the player can easily dispatch a Ranged Form, although this is not recommended as they are often with other Ranged Forms and may kill the player as a result. They have extreme resistance against most weapons so grenades or high-damage weapons are advised to take them out, as the ammo from low-medium level weapons should be used on the Combat Forms instead.

Dormant Flood Ranged

Dormant Ranged Forms.


  • The Ranged Flood Form is universally labeled by most players (along with the Drones) as the "Most Annoying Enemy," due to their extremely high rate of fire, accuracy, and relative resistances to many weapons (such as the Assault rifle).
  • When they transform into another Flood Form, their habit of "eating" a grenade tagged to them and making it disappear has earned them a reputation, as an "even cheaper and more annoying" foe, complying entirely with the last statement.
  • They are first seen on Floodgate.
  • When it fires its spines, the area around it glows as though it was firing a bullet weapon.
  • They are unaffected by the Tough Luck Skull.
  • Usually, a Stalker Form will crawl onto the wall or ceiling, and then transform into a Ranged form.
  • Ranged Forms create its spikes from combat detritus.
  • Ranged Forms fire spikes that look similar to the Brute Spiker ammunition.
  • They are the only Pure Form that cannot walk. Once the Stalker mutates into it, it is stuck in that spot until it dies or mutates again.
  • Although it's not very common, it is possible to gain Ranged Forms as allies on the Covenant when you team up with the Flood, they are gained as allies sometimes when the jump pack Brutes have not been killed yet.
  • Ranged Forms are sometimes incorrectly deemed by players as infected Grunts, though this is wrong because they are a pure form.
  • Though Ranged Forms are indeed Pure Forms, they bare a resemblance to Huragok.
  • Oddly enough, Ranged Forms drop Spike grenades, even though they are not former Jiralhanae.
  • Despite not being developed until late in the Human-Covenant war, Ranged forms can be seen in the Halo: Legends episode Origins.