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Ranarum Orbital Platform was a space station located in the Sanghelios system.


Following the Human-Covenant war and the Great Schism, many ships were docked at the station, some at the Aanrar Shipyard. Many of these ships had suffered damage during the fighting, but due to the Sangheili lacking both Huragok and the skills to repair them, most of the damaged ships were left unrepaired or were scavenged for parts.

One of the ships docked was the Covenant frigate Unflinching Resolve. Its former Shipmaster, Buran, begged passage to the Aanrar Shipyard along with Jul 'Mdama, Forze, Avu Med 'Telcam, and four of Buran's crew in February 2553. They simply lied to the guard and flew the Unflinching Resolve out of the shipyard.


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