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The Raid on UNSC Argent Moon was a UNSC attack on the occupied UNSC Argent Moon.


In 2556, UNSC Argent Moon was occupied by the Covenant. In 2558, the UNSC sent Blue Team[1] in to retrieve sensitive data, still in the facility.[2]

Early ResistanceEdit

After navigating through the asteroid surrounding Argent Moon, Blue Team entered the facility.[3]

After fighting through part of the facility, a Hunter knocks John-117 down into a crevice. Within this crevice, he learns of an impending attack on Meridian, from an old friend.[3]

He then meets back with Blue Team to fight through the rest of the facility.[4]

Fleet ArrivalEdit

“Surrendering Argent Moon is not an option.”

While traversing the rest of the facility, Blue Team discovers an entire Covenant Fleet exiting Slipspace. With this, they decide to not try secure the data, but instead to destroy the facility.[5]

At some point after, Blue Team gets pursued by Mgalekgolo and then confronts them.[4]