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Were you looking for Li-008, a SPARTAN-II?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rai Li was a Junior Officer of the UNSC Navy.[1] She was stationed on UNSC Midsummer Night under the command of Dmitri Zheng, and was the Weapons System Officer of the bridge crew.

When Lieutenant Badia Campbell mortally wounded Commander Dmitri Zheng during a mission near the Rubble, and shot him and Dante Kirtley to boot, Li recovered from her leg wound, but the Midsummer Night had been discovered and boarded by Insurrectionists who inhabited the Rubble. On the orders of Maria Esquival, the Insurrectionists captured Li and the rest of the crew,[2] but the SPARTAN-IIs of Gray Team soon free them and they boarded the freighter Mighty Sparrow,[3] and on board Li continued to serve as weapons officer before they moved back to the Midsummer Night.

She survived the Battle of the Rubble and the Battle of Metisette.


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