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“The romeo echo mike foxtrot’s decision to mechanically reduce the (MA5C)’s magazine capacity by nearly half is pretty frustrating; even if their data was showing that jamming because of loss of spring strength was becoming an issue.”
— anonymous UNSC Marine, referring to the MA5C

REMF is UNSC Marine Corps slang, an acronym for Rear-Echelon Motherfucker. Widely used in the Vietnam War, it was intended to refer to anyone with non-combat jobs, including nurses and doctors at China Beach or supply clerks; however, the real acrimony of the phrase was directed to the high-ranking officers at Military Assistance Command and The Pentagon, who sent soldiers into combat at no risk to themselves: General William Westmoreland, Ambassador Maxwell Taylor, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Since then, it has continued to be used by UNSC armed forces well into the 26th Century.[1]


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