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Were you looking for the achievement with the similar name, the Prophet's Bane?

“And so it is that Thel ‘Vadam who bears the titles of Kaidon, Arbiter, Supreme Commander, Judge, Traitor, and Leader, wields the Prophets’ Bane, and soon - perhaps - the Covenant’s End.”
— Halo Waypoint[1]

Prophets' Bane is the personal Energy Sword of Thel 'Vadam.[2] The sword's name reflects 'Vadam's firm opposition to the Prophets since the final days of the Human-Covenant war.

Service HistoryEdit

The Prophets' Bane's, origins date back to before the creation of the Writ of Union. Back then it was known as the End of Night. However, it was eventually placed into a 'Vadam clan vault and not used until after the Human-Covenant war, when Thel 'Vadam found it.[1]

Thel had the weapon reforged with elements of the energy sword that killed the Prophet of Truth at Installation 00.[1]


The Prophets' Bane grants the user active camouflage for an indefinite duration, increases movement speed more so than the standard energy sword, and extends lunge range.[3]


The Prophets' Bane is available for use in Warzone. It is a Mythic weapon, that can be acquired through REQ Packs and has a rarity level of Legendary.[4]


  • This weapon was usable on the multiplayer map Truth in Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta.
  • The sword has drastic differences in terms of its appearance from other Energy Swords. First, the blades are shaped differently than other swords, more of a curved triangle than the crescent shape of the older swords. Second, the color is much brighter, being orange in color. Third, the handle possesses an extension in front of the actual grip where the blades are projected from, similar to a basket handle.






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