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The High Prophet of Tolerance was a High Prophet during the 23rd Age of Doubt.


Having previously served as Minister of Concert, Tolerance, along with the High Prophet of Restraint and the High Prophetess of Obligation, led the High Council until 2524. He was responsible for the creation of five hundred teams consisting of the most clever and most educated Sangheili and Unggoy to study the human language.

After an elaborate scandal involving the Prophet of Restraint's illegitimate offspring, Tolerance was forced to step down from his throne and was replaced by the High Prophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret.[1]


  • In keeping with the trend set by the High Prophets of Truth, Mercy, Regret, and Restraint, whose names have been an ironic counterpoint to reality, Tolerance presumably had no tolerance at all and was very short tempered.


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