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The Prophet of Swag, born Craybae Can'Teven, was a Prophet of the Ministry of Bling. He first appeared in the achievement art for Back for More in Halo: TMCC, and later appeared in "Canon Fauxder," a joke issue of "Canon Fodder" for April Fools' Day 2015. He is not considered canon.


“Rising from humble beginnings as a lyrical scribe within the Ministry of Bling, San'Shyuum prodigy Craybae Can’Teven soon found himself elevated to the title Prophet of Swag. Free from the trappings of a far more basic political persuasion, the Prophet of Swag was able to leverage his station to build a vivacious and vocal following who hung on every wild-waddled word. Craybae underpinned his philosophies with ancient late-20th century manuscripts that he assumed were of Forerunner origin, which included such wisdom as “The rejected stone is now the cornerstone. Sort of like the Master Builder when I make my way home.” Craybae's lyrical anthology "Back for More" was considered an unrivaled artistic achievement amongst the creative elite.”
— GrimBrother One, Canon Faxuder[1]



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