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A propane tank.

A Propane tank is a human storage device for the chemical propane. Propane can be used for cooking, light, fuel for certain vehicles, and heating. Propane tanks, when shot, fly forwards and explode. These explosions are powerful enough to harm or kill anyone nearby.

Along with power to harm and kill beings, Propane Tanks can also cause minor or severe damage to vehicles, depending on how close they are, and the amount of damage the vehicle can take.


  • In Halo: Reach, there is a glitch that allows a forge editor to carry around a lit Propane Tank, without having the propane tank explode. You will need two players on Forge (one for players that can quickly go into their editor and grab the tank). First, you spawn a Propane Tank and set the physics to phased or fixed (so the tank does not fly away). For two players, one will remain an editor while the other shoots the tank until the flames appear. Then the person in editor mode will need to quickly grab the tank. For one player, just shoot the tank and quickly go into editor mode and grab the tank. The Propane tank's flames can detonate other explosives if put into contact, injure and kill players, and destroy vehicles. If the tank is let go, it will continue with the explosion and the glitch will have to be repeated.

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